Better Than Wine | Song of Songs 1:2

Many Christians today are afraid of pleasure. If something is pleasurable, it must be wrong. In my opinion, this is an insult to the God who created pleasure and created us to enjoy it. One of my favorite quotes ever is from a mystic named Madame Guyon who said, “Simply enjoy God.” This is a strange concept for many in the church today. Enjoy God? He is a God filled with passion, beauty, and glory, and we will spend eternity enjoying Him forever.  … More Better Than Wine | Song of Songs 1:2


An Immediate Appearance | Song of Songs 1:2

It is foundation to our devotional lives and relationship with Jesus that we have confidence in love. We must remain seated in our identities as beloved sons of God. This allows us to be confident in His love for us regardless of challenge or circumstance. It also allows us to be certain that He is present and He is listening. One of the primary struggles that people have when developing a prayer life is that they remain unsure that Jesus hears them. … More An Immediate Appearance | Song of Songs 1:2

Song of Songs | Unveiling the Beauty of Jesus and His Affection Towards His Bride

I believe that the Song of Songs is one of the most important books of the Bible for the body of Christ in this hour. Jesus is singing this Song over His bride. This book will unveil the beauty of Jesus and the affection He has for His bride. … More Song of Songs | Unveiling the Beauty of Jesus and His Affection Towards His Bride

God Stories

It was a typical Tuesday afternoon. I was making my way over to the prayer room to spend my lunch break seeking the Lord as I did every Tuesday. Due to the weird hour of the day I was usually one of the only ones there but this day was different. As I walked into the prayer room, there I saw a man pacing back and forth on the large rug we had on the floor. Without much more than a simple head nod to acknowledge one another, I joined in with him. We paced and prayed in tongues together for about an hour. Just before he left he looked me in the eyes and said, “Tell God stories. If you don’t have God stories, get God stories.” I will never forget this day. … More God Stories

Sanctified Creativity

Our God is a masterful creator and designer. If we are truly created in the image of God, I believe that we should be creative as well. Not necessarily in the sense that we all paint or dance, but that we can all discover solutions to problems and have good ideas. I believe God wants to sanctify our creativity and begin to give His lovers good ideas that will begin to spread the leaven of the Kingdom in the earth. … More Sanctified Creativity