God Stories

It was a typical Tuesday afternoon. I was making my way over to the prayer room to spend my lunch break seeking the Lord as I did every Tuesday. Due to the weird hour of the day I was usually one of the only ones there but this day was different. As I walked into the prayer room, there I saw a man pacing back and forth on the large rug we had on the floor. Without much more than a simple head nod to acknowledge one another, I joined in with him. We paced and prayed in tongues together for about an hour. Just before he left he looked me in the eyes and said, “Tell God stories. If you don’t have God stories, get God stories.” I will never forget this day. … More God Stories


Sanctified Creativity

Our God is a masterful creator and designer. If we are truly created in the image of God, I believe that we should be creative as well. Not necessarily in the sense that we all paint or dance, but that we can all discover solutions to problems and have good ideas. I believe God wants to sanctify our creativity and begin to give His lovers good ideas that will begin to spread the leaven of the Kingdom in the earth. … More Sanctified Creativity

#MeToo – What is the Answer to the Problem of Sexual Dysfunction and Misconduct in America?

Due to the recent unveiling of various sexual assault cases throughout mainstream Hollywood circles, many are beginning to seek a solution to the horrendous problem of sexual harassment. In response to the recent accusations against multiple male Hollywood celebrities and men of influence, more and more women are feeling the liberty to share their stories of sexual assault and the various ways that it has impacted their life. Among many responses, perhaps the most well known is the massive social media trend of #MeToo that has become a dominating voice on the matter. This blog seeks to provide a biblical answer to the cultural epidemic of sexual dysfunction and inequality. … More #MeToo – What is the Answer to the Problem of Sexual Dysfunction and Misconduct in America?

Dealing with the Stress of Life

Have you ever had a bad day? I think we can all raise our hand on that one. There are many things that come up in our lives that can cause stress. While this is true, what if I proposed to you that for the believer, stress and bad days should be irrelevant? This is a crazy concept, I know, but just stick with me for a second. In my own life, the most common thing that opens doors for me to share the Gospel is my lack of stress. Almost daily, I get asked how I deal with stress so well. I have friends who have similar experiences in their jobs and schools. I think that the collected and calm way that Christians approach life’s problems should be one of the biggest testimonies of God’s goodness in our lives.  … More Dealing with the Stress of Life

Surviving or Thriving

There is always a purpose behind His prosperity. God wants to bless His people with every resource that they could ever need, but He always intends for this to be used to further the Kingdom’s agenda. Israel was blessed with every resource needed for the Exodus but turned it into an idol because they couldn’t change their perspective from what they needed, to what those around them needed. … More Surviving or Thriving

If You Say So

The way we speak matters. Our words have the power to shape the culture around us. Many are filled with negative and unproductive words but God wants to begin to use the words He gives us to shape the world around us. It’s time we start only saying what we hear the Father speak. … More If You Say So


There is a word that I hear used often in churches today. It has become a staple in the vocabulary of many people. I hate this word. It is treated almost as a curse word in my home. Balance.  I believe the enemy wants you to be balanced because one who has been domesticated is easier to cage. … More Excessive

Six Steps to His Heart

I have been meditating a lot on how to host the presence of God well. How can I build my life in such a way that the Lord chooses to rest His presence on me in a manifest way? I understand His presence is everywhere, but what does it look like when He tangibly rests on a man? This is the journey that I’m on. Every decision I make, and every word that I speak must come from a heart that longs to host the presence of Jesus more than anything else.  … More Six Steps to His Heart