Building the Ark

There are times when God will ask you to do something that makes no sense to the natural mind. There are also times where God will ask you to do something that makes no sense to those around you. Throughout church history, there has been much debate concerning the relationship between faith and reason. While I believe that God gave us minds and the ability to make wise decisions, I also believe that Christians are not intended to be reasonable people, they are created to be Spiritual people. There are many examples throughout Scripture where God required someone to do something that was far from reasonable or rational. Today I am going to talk about one of those examples – Noah.

How would you like to be hand picked by God to literally save the world? That’s kind of what God did with Noah. Your assignment may not feel quite as big or important as Noah’s, but there is no doubt in my mind that God has an incredible plan for every person that reads this blog. God wants to use you to do great things in the earth but there is a process that we all must go through before we are ready to start building our own “ark”.

Noah Walked with God

The first thing that must be noticed about Noah’s life is that he was a man of devotion. Before the Bible goes into any detail about Noah, the Holy Spirit felt it was important that we know one thing – Noah walked with God. The very first thing that the Bible tells about his life in Genesis 6:9 was that Noah was a man that walked with God. This is the most critical part of the story. Before Noah was ever known or used in any way, he walked with God. If you want to be used by God, you must first learn to be content with walking with Him in secret. Noah walked with God in private before he ever was used by God in public. There is no greater lesson to be learned. You can be a great speaker, great teacher, great evangelist…but if you do not learn to walk with God alone first, you are going to be limited in how much you can use your gift in public. I believe this is the #1 reason why Noah found favor with God. While the world was in it’s most wicked state, God searched for a man that walked with Him in secret. I want to propose to you that while America may be in it’s most wicked state, God is looking for His Noah’s who will walk with Him in secret.

Jesus confronted this very issue in Matthew 7:22-23. In this passage, Jesus confirms that your gift is not useful to Him if you do not know Him in secret first. Jesus even went as far as to call those who used their gift in public without knowing Him first, those “who practice lawlessness.” Jesus modeled secret devotion  in His own life as He continuously went away to be alone with the Father to hear what He would say. He didn’t do anything without first seeing the Father do it in secret. I wrote about Jesus’ devotional life in my post Mountain of Devotion – The Prayer Life of Jesus. You can read more about this there.

If you learn to walk with God alone, you will find that the opinions of man are no longer important to you. If you learn to love Him before you have an audience, you wont be influenced by them when you do. This was a key for Noah because God was about to ask him to do something that was not exactly going to make him popular. If Noah hadn’t learned to walk with God when no one was watching, he may have been persuaded by them when they began to discourage him while doing what God called him to do.

I want to propose to you that in the worlds seemingly darkest hour, God has a plan to bring massive revival again. However, I believe He is searching for some present day Noah’s who He can trust with the assignment to build arks of revival. While searching, will He find you walking with Him in secret?

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