Demonic Ignorance

You will empower the thing that you give attention to. I call it the magnifying affect. When you pay closer attention to something, it’s almost as if looking through a magnifying glass as that thing gets bigger and bigger. This can be a positive or a negative thing in your life, depending on what give your attention to. It’s your choice what you want magnified in your life.

I feel that often we magnify the sin in our own lives and the lives of those around us because we give so much attention to it. Likewise, when we give to much attention to spiritual warfare and things such as this, we begin to empower it all the more. It’s an incredible principle to understand that you will most often reproduce the thing that you give the most attention to.

Before I move on, I want to make my point clear. I am not suggesting that spiritual warfare is not real. I am also not suggesting that we don’t participate in it. I am only stating that it cannot become our primary focus.

This idea began to stir in me when I recently read Luke 7. Jesus is eating at a Pharisee’s house when a prostitute sneaks in and begins washing His feet. It was truly a display of extravagant worship at the feet of Jesus, and as this often does, it offended the Pharisee. Here is his response to this woman’s actions in Luke 7:39:

When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is–that she is a sinner.

The Pharisee is always more focused on the problem than he is on the solution. He is always ready to point to the filthiness of the situation rather than the beauty of the One that can redeem it. He always wants to point out “what kind of woman she is” when he should have been pointing out what kind of Jesus this is.

In America, we are in a time of such division and distress. While so many are pointing to the negative, the church must rise up as a people that will choose rather to magnify the magnificence of Jesus in this hour. Much of the church today is caught up in how bad things are. They are pointing out “what kind of Nation this is.” While it is true that the enemy is at work in our nation, I refuse to give him more attention. He is not worthy of our attention, only Jesus deserves that. My favorite verse when it comes to Spiritual warfare is Psalm 68:1

Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered

We war by magnifying Jesus. We proclaim the beauty and worthiness of Jesus in the earth. We let God arise and His enemies be scattered. This means that my primary function in battle is to lift Him up. Exaltation is my weapon.

Bill Johnson has one of the most profound statements on spiritual warfare that I have heard. He often says that we don’t give the enemy our attention. We only look to him long enough to get him in the cross hairs and pull the trigger. After that our eyes are fixed on Jesus again.

I want to encourage you this morning. While there are plenty of bad things going on, turn off CNN and Fox News and began to fill yourself with the promises of God. Begin to exalt Jesus and watch His enemies be scattered. Don’t tell the world what kind of Nation this is, tell the world what kind of Jesus this is.


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